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The editorial staff of move36

The printed magazine is the premium product of our successful trademark move36. It is read by thousands of young people in eastern Hesse. An engaged editorial staff is responsible for the challenging and interesting content since they know what is moving the young generation of today.

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Die Redaktion

Mariana Friedrich
Mariana FriedrichEditor
Responsible for politics- and society Mariana is observing the situation in eastern Hesse and she is preparing it for the readers. In 2015 she was valued for that with the honor of the hessian price for journalism (Hessischer Journalistenpreis 2015). Mariana, who was studying literature and philology has got a lot more interests and one of her most beloved ones is our „Fresskolumne“ – columns about cooking and recipes. She is also writing articles about board and card games.
Bernd Loskant
Bernd LoskantChiefeditor
When move36 was born in November 2011, Bernd was already helping at birth. Since then he has formed and designed the move36 universe with hot ideas, a cool attitude and his love for good spelling. He is a living legend in connecting enthusiasm for politics and passion for lifestyle and he can bring this together in one magazine. When he was learning studies of politics-, quite- and media sciences, he was already testing hot cars and writing articles about the newest restaurants for great and infamous magazines.
Malina Sternberg
Malina Sternbergcub reporter
Even her name is fashion: Malina Florentine Sternberg is not only famous throughout our move36-partyvideos, she is also known for her fashion-blog, where she is writing about the sunny sides of life and the right way to dress for it. She is the face of move36s theme of Fashion & Lifestyle.
Philipp Queitsch
Philipp QueitschEditor
Philipp is our move36-man for Marburg (Hesse). He is putting our ideas across the borders of Fulda city with his own blog As a Bachelor of Applied Social Studies and Philosophy, Philipp is responsible for the news about the “Philipps-Universität Marburg”. He is writing about career and chances for the future in our print-magazine.
Daniel Beise
Daniel Beisecub reporter
Daniel is our latest increment in the editorial staff. He was born and raised in Gießen, Germany where he has studied History of Journalism and Literature. He is responsible for the theme “love & friendship” in our move36-magazine and is writing about news in Fulda’s music and nightlife scene.
K. Nico Bensing
K. Nico BensingEditor
What is hot in music and culutre? Nico knows best. He is hearing every new relase for our readers, is observing the culutral scene and is a passionate football player. Nico got talent. After his apprenticeship in a bank he was studying German Language and Literature before he returned home for his work as a cub editor for move36. He is responsible for the concerts of „Gig in der Fabrik“ of move36 and Jugendkulturfabrik, where young artists get a chance to proof themselves.