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Our team is a very good mix of people from the classic business of publishing and marketing  but also with some young potentials and creative heads with great technical knowledge to make products very modern and on point. Here is where the old meets the new.

Walter Lorz
Walter LorzChief Operating Officer and company officer with statutory authority

Walter Lorz is our COO and the experienced leader of our team. He got great experience and a very good instinct for innovations and trending products.

In the year 1990 Mr. Lorz graduated with honors in sociology & communications at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg. He was working successfully as a chairperson at getRegio GmbH and was inserted as company leader and leading editor in the year 2001 for the web-portal “Fränkischer Tag”. In 2010 he was taking the lead on inFranken Elektronische Medien GmbH of the Mediengruppe Oberfranken.

Since late 2012 he is working at OB//CC as Chief Operating Officer and authorized signatory of our company.

Harald Ziegler
Harald ZieglerChief Technical Officer und 'head of services & research'

“A man for all matters” is what you can call Harald Ziegler. As head of service and research he is coordinating all projects and has a solution to every problem.

He gathered first experience in electronic media business at the age of 14 as a photographer and reporter for many newspapers like Kinzigtal Nachrichten. His career as a technical multi-talent and digital native with affinity for apples turned more and more into a profession in the late 90s when he was working with computers, printers and data-systems of all kind.

Since 2002 he was working as a freelancer on his own delivering solutions for personalized Client-/Server-, Acces- and VPN-technology. Simultaniously, he was studying applied computer sciences and telecommunications at the “University of Applied Sciences”, Fulda, supporting research in robotics and artificial intelligence. Later he was leading three little web-service companies – one for content creation and content management, one for photography and video-production and another one for hosting and streaming media. Also he was leading a training center for using Microsoft operating systems, internet and browser technology and Microsoft Office.

Since fall 2012 he is successfully leading our department of service and research at OB//CC.

Sabrina Kutscha
Sabrina KutschaVertriebsassistentin

Sabrina is responsible for all economic and business related tasks as well as assisting our COO. She graduated as a Management Assistant in Wholesale and Foreign Trade before she came to our company.

Sebastian Boss
Sebastian BossWebentwickler (Schwerpunkt TYPO3), PHP-Programmierer

“Bossi”, like Sebastian is called in our rooms, is responsible for installing, arranging and modifying CMS-based web-portals as well as coding plugins, tools and scripts. He is also your man for databases and the maintenance of web-servers.

He was always a big fan of nets and connections, this is why in summer 2003 he decided to do an apprenticeship for road and traffic research. When he completed this he graduated as a technician at “Technikerschule”, Alsfeld. Soon afterwards he experienced parallels between real roads and modern web-technology. So he graduated successfully as Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science at the “Univerity of Applied Sciences”, Fulda.

Since october 2013 he is with us at OB//CC on our way to digital dimensions.

Alexander Strube
Alexander Strubetechnischer Redakteur, Qualitätsmanager, Entwickler

Alexander Strube is a learned and trained retail salesman. After successfully doing his a-levels at “Richard-Müller-Schule”, Fulda and following apprenticeship as a salesman, he was working as a store leader for years.

When web-shops and online-trading became bigger and bigger he started academic studies in computer sciences at the “Technische Hochschule”, Schmalkalden in 2009.

Through practical work experience he connected with the OB//CC and is now responsible for concepts of new projects, project planning, quality management and technical authorship in CMS like WordPress or Typo3.

Ingo Schwarzhaupt
Ingo SchwarzhauptWeb-Entwickler

Born in 1988 Ingo Schwarzhaupt is one of the younger members of our team.  In spite of his age he is well trained in programming languages like HTML, CSS and PHP or frameworks like angular.js. He started programming as a child, so his knowledge is as good as any older fellow.

Straight after finishing his regular school Ingo was visiting the well known and famous “SRH Institut für Bildung” in Heidelberg to graduate in Computer Science and Program Languages.

Since October 2013 Ingo is a good and reliable co-worker.

Benjamin Bartsch
Benjamin Bartschdigitale Medien

Our Berlin-born fellow is our specialist for putting classical print-media and magazines into digital dimensions. He is creating our E-Mags, inserts and digital attachments with the right content. Thus he is putting some interactivity in the static content of print-media.

Achille Kamkuime Fokam
Achille Kamkuime FokamApp-Entwickler

Achille Kamkuime Fokam from cameroon is one of our youngest co-workers and also the developer of our latest up-to-date projects – mobile Web-based Applications, well-known as Apps.

During his time as a working student he gathered a lot of experience in implementing projects for web and mobile devices. He is using all kind of usable software, from Frameworks over CMS to stand-alone programming languages. He was also responsible for implementing the “AUDI Prämienportal” of 2013.

Since November 2013 he is staying with us at OB//CC as chief of development for mobile applications.

Steffen Hildenbrand
Steffen HildenbrandVideo Data & Content Editor

Steffen has been a video-editor and well-known YouTube-Artist for years before he got to our office. His profession is filming, cutting & editing on Adobes finest video editing software. Moreover, special effects or filming with green-box technology and other state-of-the-art film techniques are no problem for him.

Joscha Reinheimer
Joscha ReinheimerVideo-Journalist

Joscha Reinheimer is hunting everything with his camera that is worth reporting on. If on film or photo, breaking news or reports on big events like GamesCom, Germany, Joscha is able to find the right format for every little clip he takes and to focus on the story’s main character.

Nakia Hommel
Nakia HommelGrafik-Design & Mediengestaltung

Nakia is a learned and high-skilled graphic artist and responsible for every little sketch in our house. Photos, covers, layouts, corperate designs or media in general – she lifts everything in the best way…because a picture says more than thousand words.