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Project Description

Der Schlaufuchs – to convey content to the youngest readers

Der Schlaufuchs was created especially for the youngest readers of “Parzeller Media Group” and their parents in order to promote new blood to read newspapers. Our Schlaufuchs character should guide the young readership to daily news with a smart combination of old and new media. Besides, he is supposed to help the parents with conveying the right values to their children by means of educationally and pedagogically proofed content. Kiddy-Reporters, events like “Schlaufuchs Sommerfest” or the “Schlaufuchs Skischultag” where kids can learn skiing with professional trainers plus suitable content for children and families has made “Schlaufuchs” very popular in eastern Hesse and the middle of Germany.

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With our help “Der Schlaufuchs” has also arrived in the digital dimension and every issue of his magazine is now filled with many bonus features like videos, picture galleries, interactive content and mini-games even on your mobile device.

for Android-based devices

for iOS-based devices

required Android-version: 4.4 or higher.

required iOS-version: iOS 8.1 or higher. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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