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Project Description

Read the monthly magazine of IHK Fulda on your mobile device

Read the digital magazine of IHK Fulda including all important news about economy, trading and industry in the eastern region of Hesse. Be astonished of many digital features like video clips, picture galleries, web-links and other interactive content. No matter which time or place: with the help of this application IHK-magazine is on your side. Even with a bad connection you can read every article through our integrated offline-view.

Click the Play-Button. We’ve got many interesting and informative videos directly in the article. In the print magazine the space for pictures is restricted, in our app we can show you thousands of pictures.

You want to be up-to-date about IHK Fulda? Only two little touches in our app and you can read all the important news on IHK Fulda’s website.

You are interested in one of the ads? You don’t need to find the provider on your own. Simply click the ad and we connect you just in time. You want to talk to a possible new business partner? Don’t google him, just click on his mail-address or phone number and you can contact him through our app. Sometimes it can be simple like that.

  • very fast viewer for e-papers and e-magazines
  • very rich content charged with interactive elements
  • every issue is also offline-readable, without the need of an internet connection
  • interactive elements like intelligent ads, picture galleries and video-clips

for Android-based devices

for iOS-based devices

required Android-version: 4.4 or higher.

Required iOS-version: iOS 8.1 or higher. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Project Details