Medienlogistik Hessen (MLH) 2017-07-03T14:42:37+00:00

Project Description

MLH – Medienlogistik Hessen

We created a modern and representative web-portal for Medienlogistik Hessen. The simple but attractive flat-design and the modern, up-to-date one-page layout with fixed header- and footer-areas including scrolling content in between is presenting every information perfect on every screen-size. Optimized for mobile devices as well as tablets or big screens.

  • attractive One-Page-Layout
  • a high-informative and responsive designed online-portal
  • easy-to-use contact formulars for customer contact with fully adjustable backend
  • tour-planner for daily delivery tours
  • implemented routeplanner and interactive map
  • direct out-of-the-window viewer for files and downloads
  • direct presentation of jobs and announcements

Project Details