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Project Description

move36 – a trend-setting project

move36 is our trend-setting product and shows how to reach a for classic newspapers unreachable targeting group. move36 has shown old-professionals of publishing how the future could be with a smart and extra-ordinary mixture of cross-media offers.

A classic hard-covered print magazine is substituted with a social-media supported web-portal with its own community. It’s highly represented in the targeting area through presentation at events, schools and public places of the region.

Through a smart division in different “worlds of life” i is possible to reach a great variety of targeting groups of different ages and interests.

On-point marketing-events like the “Pimp my WG”-campaign, the Body-Fly parachute Simulator or the Pics-to-Go concept support this successful full-media-project.

move36 JobApp – the way young potentials start a career

We developed move36 JobApp which delivers weekly announcements out of the move36-career-portal. You can subscribe to your most liked branches to get a note in case a new job arrives. The App got an autoreminder if new jobs are posted. So you can’t miss out on your favorite job.

It is possible to write a job application on your smartphone and send it directly to your potential employer. Choose your job, write your application and send it! We use your phones Mail-App for the sending process so you’ve got the chance to add references, your vita and an up-to-date photo of yourself.

This app is optimized for screen sizes between 3,5 and 5,5 inch. For tablets we recommend the use of

for Android-based devices

for iOS-based devices

required Android-version: 4.0.3 or higher.

required iOS-version: iOS 6.0 or newer. Suitable for iPad.