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Project Description

TORGRANATE – a trademark for friendly match football in eastern Hessia

TORGRANATE contains the complete palette of well-tried and modern media-products, matched with the needs of your targeting group. So it’s possible for us to reach every fan, supporter and follower of eastern-hessian amateur football on any kind of device.

The TORGRANATE-Mobile App developed by us, delivers every issue of TORGRANATE-Magazine as an in-app-purchasable product with interactive and media-rich content to smartphones or tablets with iOS or Android operating systems.

This makes an interactive Torgranate-experience possible for every user, not depending on the location. Besides, the user can choose which editions he’s interested in and receive exactly those, without having to subscribe.

for Android-based devices

for iOS-based devices

required Android-version: 4.0.3 or higher.

required iOS-version: iOS 6.0 or newer version. Compatible with iPad.

Project Details